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    CNN’s Jake Tapper Telling the Truth about Ferguson

    Jake Tapper exposing the truth! He earned his stripes today.

    dude went IN

    'This just doesn't make any sense' Ferguson, Missouri, downtown, Middle America

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  • It is really only a matter of time

    I am not endorsing violence, crime or looting. But it is really only a matter of time until the underclass of this country finally decides to fight back in some fashion. To resort to, in the words of a GOP Senatorial candidate ‘Second Amendment options’ as a response to the kind of systematic oppression that feels more like military occupation.

    And it is only a matter of time until the real Libertarians, and grass roots ‘Tea Party’ activists wake up and realize that Ferguson is no different from Ruby Ridge or Waco. A Democracy cannot be considered healthy when the poor go to jail for jaywalking while the rich can engage in financial speculation to the tune of billions of dollars with no criminal penalties. 

    When the violent crime rate has declined for 2 decades, while the prison population has more than doubled. Who is in those prisons? Not rich people who can afford lawyers to get off drunk driving charges that result in death. 

    Wake up America, this is a chance to pull back the militarized police, send in peaceful negotiators, actual politicians who will listen. Because if you just write off Ferguson as a blip, the violence of a few bad apples, and fail to look at the real problems there will be repercussions. Because just like Waco and Ruby Ridge became rallying cries for a small group of militants Ferguson could become a rallying cry for an ever larger group of people, people with little left to lose (in their eyes at least.)

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  • July stormJuly stormJuly stormJuly storm

    Midland Trail, a set on Flickr.

    My main focus for photography, aside from family events, has been the section of the trail that I run on.

    I created this Flickr Album for those pictures. Some Edited, some not. I love this trail for its’ weaving back and forth across Fountain Creek. It is also a bit of a Hobo Highway, so there is an element of interest in the things that are discarded, or have been washed downstream by high water or flooding.
  • Compare and contrast this response, reaction and coverage to the Cliven Bundy standoff. Where are the fierce Libertarian militias? Where are the protesters worried about government oppression?

    On the other hand imagine the response in Ferguson if instead of hands up, and the occasional thrown rock or bottle the protesters in Ferguson were openly armed? What if they were aiming rifles at the police, or threatening to use women and children as shields? 

    I am not justifying throwing projectiles or Molotov cocktails at the police, but there is a stark difference in what people are willing to show and take in this country. This is on top of the wildly out of proportion response of the police, when police go in to ‘keep the peace’ armed better than soldiers in Baghdad, weapons hot and ready how can the people think anything but they are being treated as hostile? 

  • Jimmy Main st on Flickr.

  • Little Cowgirl on Flickr.

    Emily had to ride a pony in Estes, good old Peanut did the trick (Mom thinks the same horse was used for my nephew to ride many years ago.)

  • Pool fun - Glacier Lodge on Flickr.

    The kids certainly had a ball playing at the pool last week. Here I managed to catch all 3 jumping in, that splash is Jimmy.

    Playing with focus on this shot.

  • Landslide - RMNP 2014 on Flickr.

    Taken on the Fern Lake trail to the Pool in Rocky Mountain National Park. Shows the landslide caused by the rains that eventually flooded northern Colorado.

  • Hey Ann Coulter, 

    No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer. 

    I will put my soccer loving family’s North American Heritage up against your white trash any day of the week. My ancestors have served in every major United States conflict since before the country existed. And I can guarantee you that they would appreciate and support a beautiful game over the committee meeting boredom of a 10-3 ‘football’ game any day. 

    And let’s not forget to mention that when you talk about the ratings of Sundays game you conveniently omit that those ratings crushed those of 4 games of the World Fucking Series! That’s right soccer was more popular than ‘America’s Game’!